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Refer a friend

The terms and conditions below are effective as from 1st May 2014 and replace all preceding Refer a Friend promotion terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will continue to apply until WorldPay amends them, or suspends or withdraws the refer a friend program at its discretion.

Terms and Conditions

“You” or “you” means a sole trader or company that is an existing WorldPay Pay as you go Card Acceptance Service customer or WorldPay Zinc customer at the time their friend applies for the WorldPay Zinc service. “Friend” or “friend” means the applicant that is known to and referred by You and who applies for the WorldPay Zinc service. Your friend must not be an existing WorldPay or Streamline customer or have applied for the WorldPay Zinc or WorldPay Pay as you go Card Acceptance Service before.

Where you pass the name and contact details of your friend to WorldPay, you confirm that you have their permission to do so. You consent to us using your name and contact details to verify you as the referrer of your friend and in any communications we may have with your friend.

Your friend and their business must be located in the United Kingdom. They will need to meet the WorldPay Zinc and other eligibility criteria and have applied through for the WorldPay Zinc service. For you each to be eligible under this promotion your friend will need to use the unique URL link provided to you by email or to have manually entered the unique code allocated to you when applying. The £10 discount for your friend is only available on WorldPay Zinc Chip & PIN keypads purchased online through Your friend will not be eligible for a discount if they purchase the keypad through one of our retail or online partners. You will not be eligible for the Amazon vouchers and your friend will not be eligible for any discount on the keypad if this unique code is not used.

You cannot refer yourself. You may include your unique URL link in your personal social media pages or business social media pages that are owned by you (such as FaceBook or LinkedIn). You may not however use this unique URL, our trade mark/s and/or the names WorldPay or Zinc or any combination of them to bid for, to purchase or to use in any Google AdWords or any similar or replacement service provided by Google or any other third party. Without limiting any other rights and remedies We may have, a failure to comply with this restriction will automatically invalidate your entitlement to the Amazon vouchers and your friend’s entitlement to the £10 discount.

WorldPay Zinc standard account opening procedures will apply and your friend will need to be accepted for the WorldPay Zinc service (which shall be at WorldPay’s sole discretion). This promotion does not apply if your friend is only accepted for a WorldPay service other than the WorldPay Zinc service (for example, Streamline).

WorldPay may withdraw this offer at any time without liability.

If we accept your friend's application we will send the Amazon vouchers by email to the email address that we have for you. We will endeavour to do this within 30 days of receiving your friend’s application if your friend is accepted as a WorldPay Zinc customer and provided that your friend has not returned the keypad and neither of you has cancelled your service within that time. If WorldPay is required to terminate the services to you or your friend, no vouchers or discount will be provided.

No cash alternative is available.

The £10 discount on the new keypad for your friend will be applied against the full price of the keypad of £79.99 (incl VAT). The £10 will be deducted from the keypad charge on the first invoice that is sent to your friend. Only one keypad will be provided.

This offer may not be used by you or your friend in conjunction with any other promotional offer and is not available outside the United Kingdom.

WorldPay reserves the right to amend, suspend or withdraw this programme at any time for any reason. The incentive cannot be transferred and the offer may be revoked at any time for any reason. The terms and conditions of this promotion may be changed without notice and are at the sole discretion of WorldPay.

The promoter is WorldPay (UK) Limited. Registered in England No. 07316500. Registered office: 55 Mansell Street, London E1 8AN and is referred to as “WorldPay” and “we”. WorldPay (UK) Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 (No 530923) for the provision of payment services.

WorldPay is not responsible for any Amazon voucher that is lost or delayed in transmission to the email address that we have for you.

No cash payment will be accepted in exchange or part exchange for the Amazon voucher. WorldPay reserves the right to substitute another voucher or item of equal value to the Amazon voucher.

The Amazon voucher may not be sold, transferred, auctioned or used for commercial gain.

If you have any questions regarding this offer or the delivery of the vouchers please contact the WorldPay Zinc Helpdesk on 0330 333 3601.

To the fullest extent permissible by law, WorldPay shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered or sustained as a result of participation in the promotion or use of the Amazon voucher. WorldPay does not recommend or guarantee the performance of any contractual or other obligations of any third parties mentioned in this offer (including but not limited to Amazon).

WorldPay shall not be liable for any fraud committed by any third party. WorldPay will not be liable for failure or delay in delivery or performance of any third party obligations under these terms and conditions or in the event of any unforeseen cause beyond its control.

WorldPay reserves the right to refuse a claim for an Amazon voucher or to apply the £10 discount if it has reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions, a misuse of our intellectual property rights including WorldPay’s trade marks and/or materials; any misrepresentation; abuse of the Refer a Friend promotion; or any illegal or criminal activity including fraud in connection with this offer or any application for the WorldPay Zinc service. The redemption or use of the Amazon or any substitute voucher is subject to its own terms and conditions, and WorldPay shall have no obligations or liability in respect of the same.

Instructions printed in hardcopy or online form part of these terms and conditions. This referral program and these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.