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Is WorldPay Zinc secure?

The WorldPay Zinc system meets the current security standards for card processing. It is fully EMV (Chip & PIN) certified. It also meets the Visa and MasterCard security requirements, and has been verified by WorldPay’s independent security assessors. WorldPay Zinc meets the applicable areas of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

My keypad and/or mobile device has been lost or stolen. Do I need to advise anyone?

No transaction details are stored in either device, so don’t worry, but you should contact us to let us know if you need to order a replacement Chip & PIN keypad. Then you’ll need to pair the devices again. Follow the links below for help pairing your WorldPay Zinc Chip & PIN keypad with your smartphone or tablet:

How do you handle my personal data?

All the details of how we store and manage your data are in our Privacy Policy.

Still need help?

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