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What if I delete the app, or have a new device?

You just need to download the app again. If you have a new mobile device, you also need to pair it with the keypad. Follow the links below for help pairing your WorldPay Zinc Chip & PIN keypad with your smartphone or tablet:

Will the keypad work abroad?

WorldPay Zinc may only be used in the UK and we can only process payments taken in the UK.

Can I change to a Streamline Chip & PIN keypad?

Yes. Please call our sales team on 0800 01 01 06, or go to

Do you have card logos that I can use on my website?

Yes. You can download card logos here.

Availability of transaction reference data

Following the introduction of the Interchange Regulation we can make transaction level data available to you setting out the amount of the transaction, and the fees for that transaction, with the interchange fee being shown separately. 

In accordance with the Interchange Regulation, the information may be provided or made available on a monthly basis and may be aggregated. Please note that we are unable to provide historic or backdated transaction data. 

If you wish to discuss obtaining this information, please contact the helpdesk.

Still need help?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with our UK team. Our help desk is open 24/7.

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