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Chip & PIN keypad

Can I change which phone or tablet I use with WorldPay Zinc?

Yes. You just need to pair the keypad with the new device. Follow the links below for help pairing your WorldPay Zinc Chip & PIN keypad with your smartphone or tablet:

Can I have more than one keypad?

No. Each customer can only have one keypad.

Can I use the keypad while it’s charging up?


How do I charge up the keypad?

You can use any micro USB connector to charge your WorldPay Zinc Chip & PIN keypad. To charge your keypad quickly we recommend plugging your micro USB connector into a USB mains charger adaptor (like the one that you use to charge your smartphone or tablet). You can also use a car charger or plug your USB connector into your laptop or desktop computer.

My keypad is broken. Can I get a new one?

Our Trouble Shooting Guide might be able to solve the problem. If not, please contact our Helpdesk on 0330 333 3601.

Still need help?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with our UK team. Our help desk is open 24/7.

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