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Ten Tips to get your customers thinking Small (Business)

ten tips to get your customers thinking small (business)

Understanding what makes customers decide to purchase from a Small or Independent Business will help you create more opportunities for your business to grow. All over the UK small businesses with unique, handmade, and local goods and services are experiencing a resurgence as customers seek to support their local businesses. We've gathered a list of ten great reasons people buy, or want to buy from small businesses, so that you can offer your customers exactly what they are looking for.

1. Supporting their local economy
For every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business 63p went back into the region, compared to 40p with a larger business. It's in everyone's best interest to foster the growth of their local economy, and your customers want to help their hometowns to thrive. If your business supports local services, or manufactures locally, make sure your customers know - it's a great selling point.

2. Better customer service
Customers can sometimes feel like walking dollar signs, especially when shopping online or in larger stores and chains. Offering a more down-to-earth approach to your customer service will be appreciated, and your customers will remember the positive experience.

3. Supporting local jobs
Once your small business has grown to a point where it is time to take on employees, your business will most likely provide employment from someone local to your community. When hiring, make a point of displaying a sign in the door, or telling customers you are hiring, you might even find someone by word of mouth alone.

4. Unique or one-of-a-kind products
With the saturation of mass-produced products available on our high streets, customers are making an effort to find quirky or unique products when shopping for themsleves, for their homes and most importantly when purchasing gifts. Focus on the differentiation your small business can offer to customers to improve sales.

5. Making ethical/eco-friendly choices
Purchasing in-season produce, products with less packaging and locally made products is important to environmentally conscious shoppers. Highlighting your eco-credentials will provide an added bonus to your customers when they purchase from your small business.

6. Expert opinions and product knowledge
As a small business owner you know the products and services you provide like the back of your hand. Your customers will appreciate the added value of expert knowledge when shopping with your business.

7. Supporting local entrepreneurship
Everyone loves a smal business success story, especially when they can say they supported you from the start. Make sure you tell your story with your marketing activities to increase positive sentimant from your customers.

8. High street diversity
Your small business creates a more diverse and interesting high street in your customer's local community, a trend they will be willing to support. Do your best to make your store look welcoming, and it will stand out from the crowd.

9. Sharing community spirit
Small businesses are more likely to be involved in activities and events that better their local community. If you support a local organisation or sporting team, make sure your customers know about it.

10. It's not only local customers who like small businesses
Tourism is enhanced by small business. Visitors to your town/city/village will be thrilled to buy something original or quirky on holiday from a local shop, and share their finds with friends and family at home.