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How much does your business earn each minute?

See how quickly tech giants build wealth

We all know just how profitable some of the world's biggest tech companies are. Apple, eBay, Amazon, Google... the list goes on and the profits go up.

To highlight just how quickly these businesses are making money we created a real-time animation featuring some of the giants of tech. This visual representation offers a glimpse into the massive earnings and also the massive opportunities available for tech startups.

As technology develops, entrepreneurs both young and old are embracing the digital age to kick-start their businesses. The internet in particular can be seen as a great equaliser, giving small businesses access to global markets as well as low-cost ways of marketing themselves, professionalising their image, and communicating directly with their customers.

While you watch the profits accumulate, you can dream about your own small business's world domination - then get on out there and make it happen.

How fast tech companies make a profit