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Challenging the Gender Divide

The Gender Divide

WorldPay Zinc has released a new study today into the types of stereotypes still faced by men and women in the workplace. From small business and trades to healthcare professionals and the civil service, some outdated attitudes still prevail. See the full study here.

Geraldine Wilson, Managing Director, WorldPay Zinc, said: “We launched WorldPay Zinc to make life easier for mobile tradespeople and small businesses, and we’re disappointed to see that their lives may still be blighted by these outdated stereotypes.

“While the study shows that some stereotypes are hard to shift, it’s great to see these preconceptions being challenged and overcome by shining examples like Gas Girl.”

Charlotte Keene is an engineer at, she said: “There has been a lot of gender discrimination in my career so far, training was tough and people assume I won’t be as good as a male engineer. I’ve been so stressed about this at times that I nearly threw the towel in.

“But instead of giving into the stereotypes, I saw a gap in the market; lots of women feel safer letting me into their home than they would a man. Now I’m the proud owner of my own company, Gas Girl.

“My story goes to show that fighting gender discrimination is well worth it. It’s great that there are services out there like Worldpay Zinc, which help people like me go at it alone and run a successful business, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.”

An overwhelming 66% of Brits think men make better plumbers, 68% think they make better mechanics and 63% say they are better electricians. Just 3% think women are better pilots and only 3% think they are better surgeons.

Interestingly, when it comes to actually paying for services, men feel safer giving their credit card to a woman, whereas women are less likely to discriminate on grounds of gender, saying they don’t mind either way.

The findings are also detailed in the Gender Divide Press Release and Gender Divide Infographic.