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Brits spend twice as much on Mums than Lovers

Mother's Day Gifts & Spending

An analysis of payments processed by WorldPay last year shows that Brits spent 20% more on gifts for Mother's Day than for on those for our significant others on Valentine's Day. The increase in spend on Mother's Day is largely down to spending in florists, where sales were 42% higher than on Valentine's Day.

The real favouritism is in the difference we spend on each of our parents, with mums the big winners as Brits spent 79% more on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day last year.

WorldPay's Managing Director Dave Hobday said: "The fact we spend more on Mother's Day than on Valentine's Day just goes to show when it comes to putting money where your heart is – mums come first!Mother's Day Gifts & SpendingSee the full press release at