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SmallBiz Spotlight - EmzCakes

SmallBiz Spotlight - Emzcakes

{SmallBiz Spotlight - Test Town edition}

Business: EmzCakes

Owner: Emma Wilson


SmallBiz Spotlight - Emzcakes

EmzCakes is currently a home based bakery in North Wales, offering yummy cakes and treats for all occasions - from birthdays to weddings and everything in-between.
EmzCakes are about to open their own café and shop in Wrexham town centre, North Wales. It is a very exciting time with lots of hard work ahead. Emma Wilson, the owner of EmzCakes has been running her small business from her home in North Wales with the help of her partner Michael Bobby.

The business has flourished over the the last 12 months and has out grown their home, leading to them deciding to open their first high street shop and café. EmzCakes will be a cupcake café with a creative twist! Offering not only yummy cakes, but also an interactive experience for children through their cupcake decorating. Adults can join in the fun to with their craft workshops. The café will also promote local artists and crafters through their shelf rental scheme which offers small home based businesses the opportunity to get their work in a high street shop.

SmallBiz Spotlight - Emzcakes

In 2013, EmzCakes Creative Café made the final ten of Test Town, Britain's biggest high street enterprise challenge.

From Emma, "We were so proud of what we achieved during Test Town week and it was the best business experience we could have ever asked for. Being able to test out our idea of our Creative Café for real was invaluable to us. It was such a fantastic opportunity and gave us a huge insight into the general public's reaction to our business idea. I can honestly say that our little business would not be about to open our first shop if it had not have been for the Test Town competition.

SmallBiz Spotlight - Emzcakes

We set up our café and shop in just over two days. We baked over 500 cupcakes and 4 large cakes we thought this would be more than enough. By 3pm on the second day of trading, we had almost sold out of everything! We could not get over how busy we had been. We served hundreds of lovely people from Dunfermline in the three days we were open and all on about 8 hours sleep, over the whole weekend. Coffee, a lot of energy drinks and adrenaline got us through, plus the joy of seeing my little idea turn into a reality.
For me Test Town was an opportunity to prove that my idea would work in the real world. I turned this little image in my head to a real, living running café in just three days! It honestly still feels like a dream and I still look back at the photos now to remind myself of what we achieved. If ever I feel like I can't do something, I just remember how much we did that week and instantly find the determination to carry on."
EmsCakes used WorldPay Zinc in their Test Town shop and café, which helped them to increase sales as customers could pay by card. A lot of larger items, like art work and handmade craft items were paid for through WorldPay Zinc.

SmallBiz Spotlight - Emzcakes

Emma says, "It made it so easy for our customers to buy what they wanted there and then without having to leave to get cash out from a cash point and return, which some people might not have even done. During Test Town we took just shy of £2,000 in our weekend of trading. Approximately 50% of our sales were through World Pay Zinc. This is a huge amount of sales, that we may not have taken if we could not have accept card payments.
We have also used the device since Test Town too at local events and fairs in North Wales. We can't recommend it enough, and we have done to lots of our small business friends. If you are looking for a card payment solution for your small business this is it! They have fantastic customer service too with helpful people at the end of the phone."

Head over to Facebook and like the Emzcakes page for more info on their new café in Wrexham town centre.